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Are you feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts or energy that is being sent your way? Don't let other people's vibrations get you down. Invest in yourself and reclaim your power with a custom-made kit!


Each kit includes chosen items to help guide and protect against unwanted outcomes or energies being sent your way. You may even receive additional items, depending on guidance from spirit. The focus of this kit is to remove anything that is not for your greatest and highest good - so tell them bitches to back off!


All bath items are made with fresh ingredients, handcrafted with love and charged in our altar. Please allow 7-14 days for delivery as some items are handmade specifically for each order.


Order now and reclaim your power today! 

JLH Signature Protection Kit

  • Please use these products reponsibly.  All baths are made with fresh ingrediants and are preserved with alcohol. Please be mindful of any alergies you might have and reach out to use if you have any concerns prior to purchase.  Jonathan L. Harris, LLC is not responsible for any reactions that may occur. 

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