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Join the JLH Mastermind and Learn the secrets to finding your true self, charting your course to success, and avoiding the pain of failure.

You know your calling, you’ve seen the signs, yet you’re still filled with doubt, unease, and uncertainty. The forces of your destiny call to you every day, but how can you be sure if you're on the right path so you can make progress toward your goals and avoid the mistakes of your past?

For the past two decades, I’ve been helping elite professionals overcome the spiritual and emotional challenges that have kept them from reaching the pinnacle of their success. For the first time, I’m revealing my secret techniques for manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of inside my elite mastermind program.

A Spiritual Mastermind unlike any other

Inside our elite mastermind program, you’ll not only find a group of like-minded professionals being coached and growing into their potential but a group of spiritual warriors leveraging clairvoyance to reconnect with the spiritual powers within.

Through a combination of bi-weekly coaching sessions, one-on-one sessions, and live meetups, members achieve their goals, support each other's journeys and grow in spirit.   

Choose your path

A free private reading with Jonathan
Access to JLH’s Sunday Spiritual empowerment sessions featuring special guest hand selected to help you prepare for the week ahead
Access to JLH’s Wednesday Evening Group coaching sessions designed to develop your intuition and build your spiritual connections.
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Exclusive Invite to “Date with Destiny” events
Twice monthly private coaching sessions with Jonathan
Access to JLH’s accountability call
PLUS all Destiny Seeker Benefits
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Weekly private sessions with Jonathan
Custom Spiritual Go-bag: a collection of hand-selected spiritual objects to help you on your journey, curated individually by Jonathan himself
Monthly Chakra box: a rotating collection of care packages designed to provide whole-body spiritual care.
PLUS all Destiny Seeker Benefits
PLUS all Spiritual Warriors Benefits
Membership Availability Disclaimer:

Join if you're ready to grow & change your life.

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