Inquire about Subscription Box, and/or spiritual work. 

Monthly Subscription Box - Personalized by need and guidance from spirit. *** Reading Required First ***

• Spiritual Hygiene Box

• Open Roads & Success Box 

• Attract Love, Harmony & Joyous Relationships 

• Open Your Third Eye & Spiritual Faculties (Spiritual Gifts...) 

• Cleanse Off Negativity  

and, more (Contact for more details....) 

Each box comes with tools for your spiritual success either personally made by Jonathan personally, or guided by spirit/God to personally purchase on your behalf for your desired result. 

I can personally make, spirituality charge, cleanse and birth items on your behalf like;

• Spiritual Baths.

• Spiritual Oils. 

• Protection Bags 

• Energy Infused Candles.

And, more (Contact for more details and let me know what type of assistance you need and require.  

You can sign up for a monthly subscription, or purchase as needed. It's up to YOU, your spirit team & God.  

Be Bless, and please contact me with any question you may have! 

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