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In-person cleansings and readings 

Friends, over the past two decades, I’ve used my clairvoyance to help leaders in business, entertainment, and religion to chart their course through the turmoil they faced as public figures. These intensive sessions have helped my clients overcome personal demons, navigate complex business deals, and increase their status in the areas in which they played.

Spiritual Experiences Tailored to You

Private Readings

Conducted in person or via zoom, these 15, 30, or 45-minute sessions are guaranteed to provide a one-of-a-kind spiritual experience. As Jonathan opens up a connection to the spirit world, anything is possible. Will you speak to loved ones who have passed? Will your true calling be illuminated? Will you discover a forgotten secret? Only the spirit knows.  Following your session, you’ll be emailed a recording so you can share your reading with friends and family.

*due to the intense energy required to conduct this level of mediumship, sessions are available on a limited basis. If the button above is unavailable, please check back in the future.

Private Cleansing

Jonathan’s private cleansings are conducted in person in Atlanta, Georgia, over the course of 48hours.

While Every cleansing is proceeded by both Divination and in-person reading to determine the type of cleansing needed, the rest of the cleansing experience is completely customized to the individual's spiritual needs. 

After the cleansing, you’ll be asked to remain nearby so that aftercare or additional cleansings can be provided to you as needed to help complete your journey.


Join the most exclusive, private, and intensive spiritual program Jonathan offers. Our Centurion program is available only by application and is limited to those leaders, executives, and artists Jonathan has determined to hold spiritual significance to our world. 

Once initiated, you’ll receive:

  • Twice-monthly readings, 

  • Weekly spirit motivator sessions

  • Quarterly visits to your location for day-long spiritual intensives

  • Quarterly cleansing and spiritual momentum sessions at our location in Atlanta

  • Four on-demand guidance sessions per year

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