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Wash off the weight of the world
And open yourself to grace.

Clear yourself of negative energy and attract positivity wherever your go with our custom spirit baths, prepared for you personally by Jonathan L Harris.


Cleansing for mind, body, and soul

Tracing its roots to the hoodoo practices of native ancestral folk magic. Spirit Baths leverage the cleansing powers of the sacred herbs and time-honored traditions of prayer and meditation to clear out negative energy and better align both the body and mind to receive the bountiful blessings that await us

What to expect...

Starting with a private reading Jonathan will divine the specific bath type that is best for your spiritual situation.

Following your reading, Jonathan will select the finest ingredients for your bath from his private collection of herbs and indigenous materials.

After praying over the ingredients for several days, Jonathan will mix the ingredients together and bottle the bath in preparation for your use.

You’ll receive your personalized bath within fourteen days from the time you place the order.

  • Personalized spirit bath kit.

  • Kit includes ritual diagrams and holy texts

  • Bonus Spirit Bath from our monthly Spirit Bath membership program

  • Continue receiving personalized baths each month for only $99 / month.

  • Only $297 to start 

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