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Are you lost in the dark?

Let me bring you into the light.

Meet Jonathan Harris, clairvoyant, medium, and spiritual guide

Introducing the JLH Mastermind

Join a like-minded group of spiritual warriors every other week for a spiritual coaching experience like no other. 

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For those seeking a one-on-one connection, I’m happy to provide private readings, in-person cleansings, and exclusive programs on a limited basis.

My Story

My journey started when I was ten years old. To say I wasn’t prepared for what came next was an understatement…

Divinely guided and hand crafted, each chakra box is assembled with intention by Johnathan himself. Careful selections of the best in sacred herbs, oils, candles, crystals, and incense are chosen to draw in positive energy, expel negative energy, and reaffirm your destiny.

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