Develop Your Intuition 

Intuition is a gift from God/Spirit/Source/The Universe. It's our spiritual connection to the unseen realm. It's your connection to Spirit & God.

It's your relationship to truth.You've probably felt some thing before and didn't know how to explain it, or constantly say to yourself, "I knew that was going to happen," "some thing told me not to do that," or "something is not right about this person, but I just can't put the finger on it."

Well, that is your intuition, and It's been guiding you your entire life, but you didn't know how to access or connect to it fully. Well, let me assist you in establishing and cultivating this link, and help you connect with this higher aspect of yourself!



Reclaim Your Power

You came to this world with power, but through conditioning, limiting beliefs and expectations of the world, you've lost your connection to it. You've given and given to others, but don't receive anything back in return. You try to do better but still yield no results...

This course is intended for you if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are ready to affirm, declare and reclaim your power to do the things you came to this earth to accomplish. If you say to yourself in your quiet moments, "I am ready to change and become what God has called me to be, but I don't know how," this course is intended for you.

By choosing to recognize, acknowledge and reclaim this power, this purpose that has been within you all along, you are choosing to command real and transformative changes into your life right now, but you have to be willing and ready to do the work to see the fruits of your labor. Let me help you! Start here and reclaim your power! 

Prayer & Meditation

I've developed a process that makes meditating simple. Forget what you've heard previously and let me help you engage in constant communication with your higher self, Spirit & God.

There is a difference between meditation and prayer: one is listening to God, and the other is hearing from God.

Let me help you develop that personal relationship with God, so that your life and its purpose become a thought/prayer away.



We've all heard about the law of attraction, vibration, magnetism, consciousness, and manifestation, but we have not learned how to fully access these universal laws to create the life we desire.

The universal laws are alway at work, but we are not always consciously working with them. In this course learn how to work with the universal laws to better your life, family, community and the world.

The change you've been constantly seeking starts with you, but first you have to create a clear mental picture as to what you want to manifest...Let me help you create this clear mental picture and figure out what you want and desire in your life in this NOW moment.






You can't acquire wealth, money, or new opportunities until you first learn how to become the thing you're seeking.

You've been dreaming of this abundance, but you don't know how to accept or manifest it in your conscious reality.

The wealth consciousness program focuses on the fostering of your relationship with the money and prosperity consciousness, helping you develop patterns of thought that will be most effective in attracting the wealth and prosperity you want and deserve!