Affirm - God is my Good, and my Good is my God.

The way you know you have accepted something into your consciousness as a knowing vs. a belief is you can state “I AM….(This, or that) with confidence vs. just thinking it (I think I can, or can not.) {<—- rocky BS system}

I like to view consciousness as a universal black card, but just like credit you build it over time, but you have to showcase wisdom to the universe (God) and allow yourself to go through certain experiences, so that you can grow from them.

All EXPERIENCES are healing experiences, but it depends on how you process through them. Even before a situation is physically complete you have to mentally complete it and say "I am whole and complete and thank God all the way through the process.”

Affirm to yourself….. “God is my Good and my Good is my God.”


To many times people are looking for an escape (distraction) to keep them away from truly going inside themselves to find the answer. Everything is a process whether you know it, or now. 


Everything takes time - one step at a time. You can do it. You will make it out alive. Give yourself time to grieve, to be sad, to mourn, but in the end it should (will) lead you into a praise.

Gratitude at it’s best!


Most people don’t understand that….

Even when you don’t think your making a choice, you are. To not make a CHOICE is making a choice to NOT make a choice.


When you stand in the middle of the road. You have made a CHOICE to stay in the middle of the road. You have not made a decision to either cross the road completely, or go back to where you started, so now during your process you feel stuck and it’s not because you have to be there, but because you CHOOSE to be there.

A lot of times when people feel stuck in their life. There really stuck in their mind!