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Close your eyes for a moment and picture a one-month-old baby in a yellow onesie with rabbits embroidered on it. The baby is sleeping, perhaps being cradled softly to someone's chest. Hold that image in your mind and notice what you're thinking about it. How do you feel toward this child? What do you think of it's true self?

Are you thinking, "She's so weak, so incapable, and really needs to lose a couple inches around the thighs..." Or, "His hair is thinning, he doesn't even have any teeth yet, all he does is eat and sleep, when is he going to makes something of himself, he's such a burden..."

Sounds ridiculous, huh?

Yet that's how we view our true selves as we grow up and become hypnotized by the cultural beliefs about what constitutes worth, value, and success. We begin to compare ourselves (and others) to everyone else until we have all but lost this awareness of our inherent innocence and perfection.

But there's a place within your true self that has never stopped seeing yourself through the eyes of love, just as parents see their newborn children. This is the divine within, the presence that eternally holds you in its arms and knows the truth of your perfection. Reconnecting to this original truth is the foundation of Emergence. Without this innate perfection as our starting premise, nothing we do will ever bring us the freedom and fulfillment we seek, but will put us on a never-ending treadmill trying to fix, change, or improve what we think is wrong or lacking in order to finally be "enough."