I am finally coming to realize that what I do for a living is not about me as much as it is about God. I am just a vessel for the information to come through. It’s not my job to judge the information, or how the person receives the information as much as it is my job to – rely the information to the person.

I am only a vessel and the type of work I do – I allow the inspiration, motivation, and love of God to move through me to speak to those desiring help and assistance from a higher source.

I have chosen to be a vessel of higher truth – I choose to allow rather than judge.

There comes a point in our life when we have to step back and know that WE DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING for we are not God and I think that sometimes people forget about the freedom of choice and the greatest gift God has given us and that is – FREE WILL.

I can’t take responsibility for others and their choices in life. The only thing that I can do is be a vessel and a reminder that there is always a different choice and path that one can take to align themselves back to who they are.

From my experience I have learned that there is never one set path as God did not design it that way and we are all free to be and do what it is that we want to do.

OUR LIFE IS OUR LIFE TO LIVE- regardless of the consequences.

It is your time and your time is now to make a choice and live a liberated life, or a life of being trapped in a box of I wish I could do this, or that, but I am to afraid of being perceived different.

Individuals that have made a mark on this world were just that – those that created their own path and not those that followed behind others. DO NOT hide behind someones else light and purpose because you are to afraid of your own light.

Life is truly an amazing journey and there are certain rules that we all have to play in this game (the game of life), but once you get into the game it your choice to either play it, or let it play you.

Do not get stuck in the confusion of – I’m just going with the flow because when you do this you lose sight of the process and your reason for being here. You came to this earth/reality to do something, to create something, to be something. What mark are you choosing to leave on this world? Who are you choosing to be because in the end it is your choice.