Oct 25. 2014

I cannot judge you – for I am not you. You have to make your choices and I cannot nor will I live out the consequences of your mistakes whether they are good, or bad for this is your experience. I don’t think you understand the power of the choices you make in your life. They can either lead you somewhere good, or they can lead you somewhere that is not so good, but even that is a judgment on my part because what may be good for you may not be good for me. It is your life to live and only you can live out your process – which that is all live is – A PROCESS. Let’s stand with each other to know the truth about this situation and the situation is – whatever your choose for yourself during this time.

Your job at this time is to make a choice and stick to it. Do not hold yourself back or confuse yourself during this process because you do not know if someone will understand you, or not. This is your path and your journey and no one can keep your away form making a choice about your life.

It is your experience regardless of what a person thinks, or how they feel, go now within yourself and feel out your situation – connect to your energy and make a choice now. This is your time and you can do it – go now and make a choice for you and NOT them.