Some people are to deep for no reason at all, lol. I know the type of work I do and the field I am in, but I really dislike when I am talking to someone else that does similar work to me and they try get all deep on me; to show me that they know what they are talking about, or know more than me, lol. That really gets on my ever-lasting nerves! haha

I am just me. You can take me as I am, or you can leave me at the door because at the end of the day I am only going to do what I am led, or inspired to do by God. If it does not feel good to me internally; then I won't do it externally. I have to protect my energy, space and time.


The worst think about having the gift of sight is seeing things about people you love that you know you have no control over. I really dislike being around people I love and getting a sense that something is wrong, or that they have some type of health issues and within myself I know that there is nothing I can do because all I can do is share with them, but if they don't do anything about it then - idk. I at times feel lost and confused because I really want to help, but I don;t be knowing how, or what to do when it comes to things like this. 

People always ask "do you know when someone is going to die?" I can't say I know when someone is going to pass from this world into the next, but I do have a sense of when something is not right and their health is declining, but the end date is between them and God, but man I wish there was something more I could do - maybe this is a lesson for me.

These are the times where I really just have to put everything in God's hands and just trust the process and know that God has them and me, but I remember when I was younger and I used to see things like this all the time - I would really be scared because I didn't know what to do, but this is how I learned that reguardless of the situation God always gives us choice and this is where free will comes into play because we get to make the choice to walk down a certain path, or change it

You have the choice to either walk down a certain path, or change it, but at the end of the day a person like me can only gift you with the information; what you choose to do with it is up to you.


Oct 25. 2014

I cannot judge you – for I am not you. You have to make your choices and I cannot nor will I live out the consequences of your mistakes whether they are good, or bad for this is your experience. I don’t think you understand the power of the choices you make in your life. They can either lead you somewhere good, or they can lead you somewhere that is not so good, but even that is a judgment on my part because what may be good for you may not be good for me. It is your life to live and only you can live out your process – which that is all live is – A PROCESS. Let’s stand with each other to know the truth about this situation and the situation is – whatever your choose for yourself during this time.

Your job at this time is to make a choice and stick to it. Do not hold yourself back or confuse yourself during this process because you do not know if someone will understand you, or not. This is your path and your journey and no one can keep your away form making a choice about your life.

It is your experience regardless of what a person thinks, or how they feel, go now within yourself and feel out your situation – connect to your energy and make a choice now. This is your time and you can do it – go now and make a choice for you and NOT them.


I am finally coming to realize that what I do for a living is not about me as much as it is about God. I am just a vessel for the information to come through. It’s not my job to judge the information, or how the person receives the information as much as it is my job to – rely the information to the person.

I am only a vessel and the type of work I do – I allow the inspiration, motivation, and love of God to move through me to speak to those desiring help and assistance from a higher source.

I have chosen to be a vessel of higher truth – I choose to allow rather than judge.

There comes a point in our life when we have to step back and know that WE DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING for we are not God and I think that sometimes people forget about the freedom of choice and the greatest gift God has given us and that is – FREE WILL.

I can’t take responsibility for others and their choices in life. The only thing that I can do is be a vessel and a reminder that there is always a different choice and path that one can take to align themselves back to who they are.

From my experience I have learned that there is never one set path as God did not design it that way and we are all free to be and do what it is that we want to do.

OUR LIFE IS OUR LIFE TO LIVE- regardless of the consequences.

It is your time and your time is now to make a choice and live a liberated life, or a life of being trapped in a box of I wish I could do this, or that, but I am to afraid of being perceived different.

Individuals that have made a mark on this world were just that – those that created their own path and not those that followed behind others. DO NOT hide behind someones else light and purpose because you are to afraid of your own light.

Life is truly an amazing journey and there are certain rules that we all have to play in this game (the game of life), but once you get into the game it your choice to either play it, or let it play you.

Do not get stuck in the confusion of – I’m just going with the flow because when you do this you lose sight of the process and your reason for being here. You came to this earth/reality to do something, to create something, to be something. What mark are you choosing to leave on this world? Who are you choosing to be because in the end it is your choice.


Give me room to grow and expand. I dislike when people try and hold you to your past without allowing you the opportunity to make a different CHOICE. Let me breath and instead of holding me to what you THINK I would do – give me a chance to choose something different.

 I am allowed to grow, shift and change RIGHT?

 I am not who I was yesterday - as you are not who you were the other day.

 A lot of times people want to hold you to the same energy of what they perceive you to be in their mental frame, but if you know energy and the power of prayer like I do – you would allow that person to shift and grow.

 What you focus on GROWS! So, begin to shift what you think about other people in your life and give them the space to grow, shift and change for the better, or the worse – that’s their choice and journey; not yours.

 Energy is amazing and most do not know, or understand how much it affects us in our day-to-day life.


 My message for today is to allow others to grow and not hold the mental frame for them to always be the same. What you think is like a – mental prayer because it does nothing but draws the same energy to you – over and over again (personalities, energy, people, situations & events.)