I will title this An Answered Prayer..

In October 2014 my family suffered the murder of my brother. This incident happened in front of my mother and siblings so the details I would have not witness only hear-say. This tragedy left my family with unanswered questions and frustration. Unbeknown to me my mom prayed for my brother to let her that he was okay. Little did I know the answer would come to me.
Easter morning I attended church where spiritual leader Jonathan shared his gift with the congregation. I must say that I rarely engage in spiritual readings but that day I felt compelled to receive it.
As I sat in observation waiting to hear what Spirit/God wanted to impart in me, so I listen. What was shared with me was so accurate and was what I needed to hear, total confirmation.
The interesting part was my brother interrupted my session to answer my mothers prayer. My brother’s spirit was present with us. The things he shared with Jonathan to share with me only my family would know. After the experience I needed to share it with my mom. After sharing with her she confirmed everything shared was true and on point to the detail.
Wow! I am so grateful to bear witness to the gift of Spiritual Leader Jonathan and I was thoroughly impressed.. My family was blessed and my mothers prayers were answered.

Thank you for your obedience to answer the call that’s upon your life and my prayer is that you are blessed abundantly
— Author LT Dixon, 21st century spiritual leader and coach
Knows exactly where you may need clarity trusting your own inner knowing. Ive known and worked with Jonathan for 10 years he’s the best.
— Shirley Smith
Jonathan, the phone session was a reawakening to things that I have let slowly fade and tarnish. I am committed to bringing back the luster that completely motivates me. After the phone session I felt a new since of purpose. I have begun recommitting myself emotionally to my wife and family who have always believed in me. I want to Thank You for the information you rendered. The information has helped me realign my existence. D.K. White
— D.K. White
Jonathan? Where you been all my life ?? Lol. The call with him was perfect timing and left me feeling fulfilled! Everything spirit showed him allowed me to understand my current feelings and experiences. I highly recommend him and will be making my time with him a monthly to-do. Blessings.
— KJ
I learned about Jonathan through a young lady who’s successful career I’ve followed and supported, and based off of her character I trusted her review (Ming Lee). Of course, there’s always a glimmer of skepticism lurking underneath. ... The first 2 MINUTES Jonathan started talking I KNEW HE WAS ANOINTED and was being used as vessel. He told me things NO ONE could know. He started the conversation telling me NOT to tell him anything about myself, I didn’t, and Jonathan read me like a book cover to cover!! After his first two sentences, I had to mute my phone because I began to cry extremes tears because I KNEW god what was talking to me through him. Thank you Jonathan, you may never understand the extent you’ve helped me. I’m definitely making another appointment, and encourage EVERYONE to try him at least once. Worth EVERY PENNY, and he actually cares about what he does. Thanks again J!
— Lydia T.
I have taken the time to prioritize writing this testimonial for Jonathan Harris which is quite an accomplishment for me as I have been a procrastinator. Meeting Jonathan has given me the desire and energy to change that about myself and no longer claim that about myself. I was having my first dinner with a new yet dear friend and as we broke bread she told me about Jonathan and his Wednesday meeting in Marietta, Georgia. We were close by and I believe to her delight I said let’s wrap up dinner and go! Upon entering Jonathan’s space I felt a familiarity and comfortableness. Upon meeting Jonathan I felt he was capable and that he was calmly aware, confident & comfortable in handling things in Gods time, and that he allows people to just ‘be’, as long as that is safe for others in his presence. I don’t know how old Jonathan is but I am 50 years old and I’m pretty sure he is younger then my two sons. I have had the gift of working alongside great and powerful men most of my life so I recognize the qualities when I see them. I was in the company of a gifted and powerful yet gentle and humble man. His meeting was extremely interesting, with a diverse range of attendees, almost all adding something wonderful to the experience. In his direct interactions with me there was 100% accuracy of his proclamations regarding me, and his delivery was that of strong specific encouragement and gentle honesty. He is based in Christ as am I so there was no hesitation for me to receive his gift. I literally can not wait for the next time I am able to share space and time with Jonathan Harris. I feel in my core that he will bless my life with his God given gifts in a way that will elevate me to the greatness that Is my God gifted destiny. For finding the one capable and willing to make those deposits into my life I am extremely grateful. I am thankful and energized and excited and mindful and the positive adjectives and feelings go on and on....do not sleep on this young man- you owe it to yourself to spend just a little time with someone who is so beautifully sun-kissed and co-signed by God. I cannot imagine anyone whose life would not be enhanced by meeting Jonathan Harris. My testimony will floor anyone who knows me as I am not easily impressed, influenced or excited. It will be the buzz of my circle of influence and all in my tribe (the moniker I use for MY family, MY people) will definitely want to see for themselves what has Eve aglow. Anyone reading this who has not experienced Jonathan should follow that trend. I feel like Jonathan has assisted me in breaking free of some self imposed limitations - and that moment was enhanced by my beloved friend Majee and THAT testimony will need to be on her website. I am grateful and thank God for them both.
— Eve
The first time I met Jonathan was at a spiritual gathering a few years ago. At the end of the gathering it was announced that Jonathan was available to answer any 3 questions people had and I was amazed as a long line quickly formed. I heard previously that he was gifted but had never experienced meeting him personally. Curious, I got on the line. That day I asked Jonathan 3 questions, 2 which were specifically about my son and Jonathan answered them immediately and emphatically. Because one of the answers was about something that would happen years later, it took a few years for me to see that all 3 answers came to pass, but that is exactly what happened, and has continued to happen throughout the years, whenever I called him for a reading. Shortly thereafter I signed up for coaching with Jonathan, and the results have been amazing as I experienced how he fuses his coaching expertise with his prophetic and spiritual gifts. Since that time, I have referred Jonathan to many of my friends and family in need of help and each one walked away enlightened. Meanwhile, over the years, Jonathan has helped me with and through many tough experiences both from a coaching and a spiritual perspective, all the while pointing out to me, among other things, that coaching is something I also do well. Late last year I became a certified coach, an accomplishment I owe partly to Jonathan coaching me and helping me to acknowledge some of my life’s purposes. I will always repeatedly highly recommend Jonathan to anyone in need of guidance, coaching and/or spiritual work. Incapable of steering anyone wrong, Jonathan in and of himself a true gift from God, with a true heart of gold.
— Celeste Freeland, PMP
Depression, Low self esteem, poverty, and anger was a burden that I carried around before Johnathan L. Harris came into my life. At 29 I went on a spiritual journey because nothing else had worked. My life was a nightmare and I had no real emotional support from family and friends. My depression was so deep that I would spend days locked in my bedroom laying in bed in wallowing in my own pain. Tired of being tired I went from spiritual adviser to spiritual adviser and they gave me a pieces of the puzzle. I was told that I had great gifts, and deep inside I knew my intuition was a little stronger compared to most people.I decided to keep following that little voice that told me to keep looking and never give up. I found Mr. Harris on Meetup.com and with my tank almost on E! I went to his intuitive development classes. I was an emotional mess at his first few Meetups. I cried my head off when he gave me my first spiritual message. He told me my life story in 2 minutes. I knew he was the truth because he spoke directly to my wounded heart. He let me know that I was in charge of my life and God had great plans for me, and that I was sent down here for a greater purpose. He helped me align myself with my ancestral heritage and spiritual practices that has aided me in my spiritual advancement. He told me to get out my tarot deck and read! How did he know I love Tarot? Ever since I placed the deck in my hands it has become my life passion to help others find their God given place in this world. I can finally say with much confidence that I am a Master Diviner, and that my “matter of fact” readings have helped changed peoples lives. Mr. Harris has taught me a great deal about always having good intentions, a open heart, and love for humanity. It’s been two years now, and depression is rarely an issue, my bank account is smiling, and my trust in God has grown tremendously, and I have developed a great deal of confidence in myself. I thank him for showing me that I need to trust in God before I trust in man. I step forward even when I can’t see what is in front of me. I still have monsters to conquer, but now I’m properly equipped because of the spiritual tools he has given me. I trust in spirit, before I trust in man! Amen!
— S.D.
Who is Jonathan L. Harris to me? Jonathan is 100% pure truthful Spirituality. I found out that he hosted an intuitive development group. My first attendance was in February 2013. It is the best unexpected encountering that could have happened in my life.

Why do I say that Jonathan is 100% truthful Spirituality?

1. Because he is straight forward honest. When Jonathan brings Spiritual messages to a group, he doesn’t go “fishing”, i.e. he doesn’t throw out a Spiritual message and hopes it rings with someone in the group. Spirit working through Jonathan, brings the message directly to the person, without asking any upfront questions.

2. He does not claim to know everything. And if he is asked something that he has not had experience with, he tells you: “I have not personally experienced what you’re asking about so I am unable to answer your question”.

3. He is NOT an egotist!! Jonathan is about results manifesting in Your life. He is the first to tell you: “If you do not see change in your life, Do Not stay with me.

4. He will also tell you: “There is no ONE way to grow Spiritually. What has worked for me, might not be the path for you”.

5. Jonathan as an instrument of Spirit is focused on You developing spiritually. He constantly emphasizes: “Spiritual growth and relationship with Spirit is about truly delving into yourself and bringing out the Spirit of God within You so that your True Authentic self comes forth.

6. He believes in individual spiritual development so deeply that even when Jonathan can tell you what you need to do, instead he will say: “How do you feel about:______?

That last point hits the deepest with me. Jonathan intuitively knew what I needed to develop believing in myself; specifically to stop questioning whether or not I received spiritual guidance. He told me: “You are definitely connected to Spirit and you receive guidance all the time but until you sit with Spirit and come to know and sense Spirit in a personal manner for yourself, you will always question the validity of your connection to and relationship with Spirit”. And because of his firm conviction and dedication I no longer have that self-doubt. If he had “spoon fed” me I would not have invested the self-discipline to sit and be quiet and learn how Spirit talks to me.

Jonathan is firm but he’s also gentle and you can always have a good old talk with him just for personal feedback. Thank you Jonathan!!
— Timi
I found Jonathan’s Develop Yo(U) Meetup group in January 2013. Immediately Jonathan was able to tap into my energy and let me know who was around me (spiritually), my individual gifts, my struggles, and my life path. From my first meeting on, the Develop Yo(U) group became my extended family. Though I’ve had mentors, workshops, self study along my journey, i wasn’t able to decipher what my purpose was and what gifts that I had.

I signed up for Jonathan’s One-on-One coaching and my life was dramatically enhanced. Jonathan was able to focus solely on me and break down my experiences, their purpose, and what I came here to do. He demonstrated respect for my lack of understanding and was patient, even when i wasn’t.

I could tell that Jonathan has a passion for coaching and healing. Accepting a spiritual life was scary and challenging. However, I always felt safe and ‘normal’ when working with Jonathan. Nine months later, I am comfortable with my life and my gifts and have a clearer vision of my life purpose and steadily working towards that purpose. I am now mentoring other people being accountable for uplifting and helping people as I have been helped.

What makes Jonathan unique and authentic is that his main goal and purpose is to aid in developing the essence of who you were designed to be. I believe that God places gifted teachers in this life to help others to find their way back to the pureness of God’s intention, YOU. I can say from the depth of my soul that Jonathan was meant to be in my life. I am grateful for the bond and friendship that has developed between he and I. And you too, may find a friend and mentor for life.
— Keesha
Hello this is Michael Monroe I want to thank you for taking the time to hear my testimony. This started in the year may 2012. Jonathan Intuitive Harris, spoke over my life. He told me that it was my time to make my trek across the country to Las Vegas from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. To a place where I can grow and flourish in ways that I could not imagine. Like everyone else, we get used to mediocrity, and “hope” everything will “work out” without us doing in anything on our own.

I was very reluctant to make that move for the simple fact of fear. Fear of the unknown. At the time I was to get my belongings together and put them in the storage facility. Financially, I didn’t have the means to do so I was working a dead-end job, my relationships had gone super sour. It was time for a change. Once I decided in my mind to make a move, the universe opened up and everything happened for me, but the first step was to believe in myself to make the move. After speaking with Jonathan, he reassured me that all my needs were going to be met, and all systems were go for Las Vegas.

I put out my resume to four different places the Canary Islands, Thailand, Spain, and of course Las Vegas. The only reply I received was from Las Vegas. I was accepted with open arms here, and they told me I had housing for 30 days. When it was time for me to move my items into a storage unit, I only had enough money to cover the repairs that I needed to get done to my vehicle.

A neighbor friend of mine, who was a truck driver suggested that I go to a bar with a screwdriver and remove about seven license plates from other vehicles. I asked him why I need to do that, he said that the tolls would be about $1100 driving from here across the country so I asked how would that help me? he said taking the license plates off of each vehicle, putting them in my car, and then when I get to each toll, to take the E-Z pass lane, replace the vehicle tags I took with mine, and run through every E-Z pass with a different plate each time. Not having the finances did not sit right with me, but I still decided to stick to my guns and refrain from doing that.

As I was continuing to move stuff in the storage unit throughout the night the morning came and my neighbor seen that my door was still open, and saw me packing. He decided to help me move more items into the storage unit. Once we were alone at the storage facility he even told me that he would go with me to take plates off of vehicles. I knew if God was to provide a way for me, he would provide completely for me even if I have to pay the tolls myself by running them on my personal license plate. So I declined his offer again.

As far as gas and fuel went traveling across the country, I only spent $427 in fuel and $27 and tolls. Not, the $1100 quoted to put fear in me. Praise God for the simple fact that I listened to his messenger, my heart and had faith that he would guide me the whole way. It seems as if he made the fuel burn slowly and only had tolls in the state of Pennsylvania where I set out from.

I was alone on this journey I asked friends family and neighbors to come with me, and no one could come. I videotaped the whole journey to show my family and friends and mainly the naysayers for telling me, I would never go. When I got to Utah something unique happened. It was late at night and I could only see the silhouette of the mountains through the moonlight. I decided at that time to get more footage. I couldn’t see the footage on the screen. I felt that God was saying to me it’s only you and I on this journey and I could not share the video or any of the footage with anyone, but I did fill the awesome power and the size of the mountains which made me feel insignificant and all my problems minimal.

Towards the end of my trek, I woke up to speeds of 110 miles an hour at least five times screaming, and afraid but I knew God’s angels had me and had my vehicle straight on the road safely at all times.

I made it to Las Vegas all the lights are green for me. If I never took the advice that the spirits guides gave me through Jonathan Harris I wouldn’t be where I am today. My life is a complete 180 from what it was in 2012. From here out nothing but blue skies. The devil is alive, and will put challenges up at every check point. But only good comes from our father in heaven. I have an amazing career a new home a luxury vehicle and a beautiful wife, with twins in the near future... what else can I ask of in the name of Jesus? EVERYTHING!
— Michael Monroe
What can I say - Jonathan was referred to me by a dear friend and has been such a blessing to my life & to so many of my family and friends that I have in turn referred to him since the first time I called him 2 years ago in the fall of 2010. At the time I was very unsetlled and overwhelmed with life and very unsure of my purpose and where my life was headed. He helped me in finding myself & my bearings again. Everything he has ever advised has come to light & as I have grown so much spiritually, emotionally, financially and educationally which he’s had a hand in as he assisted me in seeing where my path was headed. I always refer to him whenever I need assistance steering in the right direction in this maze called life and look forward to a continued spiritual relationship for years to come.

— Yvonne-Fleur
Almost a year ago, my life completely changed. After meeting Mr. Jonathan Harris, my life took a very expeditious turn for the better. Thru the dedication and coaching program along with the development classes of J. Harris, I have transitioned into a clearer, more connected, evolved and empowered woman. Learning how to tap into my own Spiritual gifts, trusting myself and intuitively navigating thru life with confidence and the knowledge of how the Spirit of God operates in my life and the lives of others. I now know how to integrate all the teachings I received in the Christian church from early childhood into adulthood, and am able to apply what holds true to me, as I now know that my truth is just that. I have also learned how to move past my childhood domestications and live as my authentic self by ridding myself of a belief system and filters caused by such, which hold no value to me, and only kept me stuck for most of my life.

Jonathan has inspired me to pursue every ambition and motivated me with his ever burning desire to enhance the lives of others. It has been thru his commitment to the Divine and his personal passion for assisting others to make the most of their life experiences. Not only does he set an example of what a true light worker looks like by walking the walk, but has displayed how to move into correction, rather than criticizing and judging. I can now look at every person and situation in my life as a teacher and lesson, whether a good or bad experience, as a result of his work.

I can proudly say that I have learned to manage myself and my life with unconditional love for self and others with the boundaries necessary to succeed. I can also boldly say that I not only have a more concise understanding of the Spirit of God, the universe and all the unseen and mostly misunderstood elements which assist us in our wellbeing thru our human experiences. I couldn’t be more thankful for the favor shown to me in an effort of maximizing my life thru the guidance of Spirit thru Jonathan L. Harris.
Light, Progress, and evolution to your Spirit Jonathan…Luv ya!!!
— S.C. Holmes
Jonathan Harris is an incredibly, talkented and gifted young man. He is not for the faint of heart for his gift is straight to the point and no chaser. He provides accurate, clear guidance that will make a positive impact on your physical, personal and spiritual walk. I am eternally grateful for his ability to share his gift unselfishly and be a mentor to myself and others by assisting develop personal gifts/path. He is very professional and makes you feel at ease with any preconceived ideas of spirits, spirit guides, etc. If you desire to take your life to the next level....look no further.

— Latricia Penny, MA LPC
When I first heard of this young man Jonathan & his gift, I found it a bit odd. Due to my religious beliefs and what I have been taught all my life, I immediately thought he was demonic & that what he was doing was negative. I decided to read other testimonials & spoke with friends about him. I continued to visit his website numerous times and became very curious. I was offered the opportunity to speak with Jonathan even though I was still very apprehensive because of his gift and profession. I was under the impression that maybe he might be a little weird or strange. After our phone conversation I realized he is such a sweet person, very genuine, and extremely normal! He really seeks to help others. Come to find out he was the total opposite of my original perception of him!
I’m very grateful that I met Jonathan. I had been carrying around a weight on my shoulders as a result of a lot of hurt and pain for years. Immediately following our phone conversation, I felt that weight lift off of me. I felt healing instantaneously. My mental outlook became more positive and everything I looked at just seemed brighter. I felt so much love. Just a change! That’s when I knew this man was the real deal! I am looking forward to learning more. Let’s see where this Journey takes me.
— Danielle D.
Three and half years ago my life changed significantly, I saw my life go from security to the appearance of suffering. I was in confusion because my so called happy life was suddenly falling apart. The more i walked toward my purpose, the more my Berlin wall begin to crumble. I’d been to intuits before for tarot, astrology natal chart readings. They told me to search for truth in all types of things I’d never heard of before. Eventually, I became what one calls a skeptic. One day, one of my students told me to go see this man named Jonathan. During my intuitive sessions, he spoke messages that went to the depths of my life’s issues. Some of the information was painful. I wasn’t ready to hear a lot of it. But, when I took heed of that information, I was able to understand my spiritual journey, increase my belief in myself and grow closer to God, my personal angels and allow the God in me to be expressed beautifully and gracefully. I came out of the grips of depression and anxiety caused by family deaths, divorce, single parenthood, career change and financial downsize. I have even shared the intuitive techniques learned in the intuitive class with my children to help them move through childhood a little easier. Thank you Jonathan for choosing to exercise your gifts from God. Light and progress for your spirit and your angels.
— Oneaka Mack, Choreographer and Project Manager
Jonathan’s gift is very interesting! The reason I say that is because we share some of same spiritual belief systems and we also have some different spiritual views. One thing I have learned with Jonathan is there are spiritual laws that are shared across every spiritual/ religious belief. Jonathan has also taught me that the spiritual world is a lot larger than what I thought and the visions and encounters I am experiencing are not because I am a weirdo but because I am GIFTED!
— Janell P
Jonathan came into my life unexpectedly. I have come to believe his call was an answered
prayer for encouragement and strength through difficulty and struggles I was experiencing.
His spiritual gifts became apparent as advice and insights he gave me were validated.
His encouragement to believe in myself has given me the confidence and strength to
achieve what I needed to help myself and my family.

The messages he relayed to me from the Spirit are inspiring. The advice he gave me has
unfolded as he said it would. The insights he shared with me continue to resonate
and have brought a sense of peace. Thank you Jonathan for sharing your light with me.
Your gifts have brightened my day many times.
— Sandra Lang
“It is an understatement to say that Jonathan is amazing! Being the very first spiritual intuitive I’ve come into contact with, Jonathan created an atmosphere of console, hopefulness, and most importantly, professionalism. To describe Jonathan is to say that he is “a guy with a gift!” My readings with him are always very precise and educational. He leaves me with a calmed spirit that everything that is happening to me and around me is of a Perfect Plan. He always introduces concepts that are unbeknownst to me, but that help to guide in my own understanding of my Highest Potential. I’ve recommended at least five or six clients to Jonathan who have all returned with the highest regard for his services. I’d recommend his spiritual guidance to anyone….especially those who need a greater understanding of their divine purpose here on Earth. To speak with Jonathan is to speak with an Angel Whisperer. The message(s) salways comes through clearly, concisely, and in a loving manner. He’s the best I’ve seen.”
— Jennifer Tardy-Smith, Healthy Relationship Activist & National President of Women of Acumen Organization
I attended Shift Charlotte during my birthday weekend. My wife had suggested that I do something reflective for that weekend. Initially I was going to The Well of Mercy to do a weekend of meditation when I found out about Shift Charlotte. Your class was my second class. Had so many folks that I knew there ask me if you were my son or a relative. I was b lown away with your introduction story because many a time adults doubts and fears will banish a child’s gift. Then you said that we who work in The Light are already aware of some of our Guides and that the ones you would be communicating with were unbeknowing to us.

I was about the seventh person you read. The first thing you told me was that I was supposed to be writing. Then you said that I would be speaking in churches and that people were listen to me because of my energy and statue. Then you asked if I was in politics, and I said no. You said that I was passionate about things but needed to speak up more. You said speaking, writing, and advocacy was going to afford me the lifestyle I saw at 18 yrs. old. That blow me away because I did have a vision of me doing and living life independent of societal mores! The next part was even more powerful. You said that my mother was still living but she having some sort of leg problem.

You made me aware of my Grandmother’s presence who was giving you this information. She gave me instructions to give my mother about diet and keeping my mother mind fresh by reading and writing. My mother suffers from diabetes which affects her circulation, thus the leg issues and clarity in her mind. Because of the reading, my family discovered that my mother was not getting proper nutrution and we were able to thwart a major catastrophe through hospitalization and subsequent therapy. I had never met my grandmother in the physical because she died when my mother was ten years old!
You are truly a gifted light!
Peace and blessings,
— Kevin Harris
In life we all need help from time to time. When you are physically sick you see a doctor, if you are heart sick, unhappy with your life, confused about the direction of your life…you need a life coach!. Please call Jonathan!. He is the real deal!. I had no idea how much better my life would get!. I wondered how I had managed without the enlightenment and strength and love and goodness I received!. Beyond words for sure!. God has given us so many tools to get through this life and teachers like Jonathan to show us the way!.

Jonathan has a gift from God that allows him to mentor and coach you back to your optimal happiness and joy!. He will help you connect to your true self by working with God’s Spirit to guide you!. There isn’t a more important or urgent thing that you can do…simply put, the solution to life is to plug into God’s Spirit and allow Spirit to guide and direct your life.

I had a reading with Jonathan and that reading changed my life. The reading took about an hour and it was accurate and wonderful … he told me things that I had never spoken about to anyone!. Jonathan is an extremely positive person. When you speak to him you feel his support and understanding. Do not be scared because Jonathan guides you step by step through understanding your life and helping you to understand why things happen to you as they do and how you can change all of it. It is an empowering experience that you deserve to have!. When Jonathan sent out an email about coaching I knew I had to sign up. Since then Jonathan has worked with me every week on issues I had no idea I had!. I felt I had done all the “right” things in life but I was still unhappy.

Jonathan helped me to get me back on track. I have worked though issues I thought were “normal” such as harboring some resentmens here and there about stuff, being upset with people who have wronged me in life, passing judgements etc. Every week Jonathan and I would review my life story and my ideas about life and he would guide me through understanding why and what to do. His patience, kindness and connecting with Spirit to talk to me using words that resonated with me was extremely helpful.

I have to admit that for months I did not really really follow all the advice…but Spirit and Jonathan were very patient and persistent…finally I decided to give some tools Jonathan gave me a try…and that is when my life changed forever!!. When I first connected truly with God’s Spirit I cried for days!!. For the first time I understood who I was, why I was here and how much God truly loved me. I understood life completely and how I had overcome everything I worried about already!!. The tears were happy cleansing tears!!. I had a joy happiness and contentment I did not think was possible. It was FANTASTIC!!!. I felt like I was now the real me!!. All these years I had been who I thought I was and who the world told me I was and suddenly God had shown me my true self…every day after that I begun to change. I begun to love truly love meditation and prayer and reflection…I love everyone!. My prejudices about people and groups of people died!. I no longer thought in those ways. I disliked negativity even within myself..Instead I used it as a tool for reflection to understand why then moved quickly away from it and towards the positive. My whole world changed..it was scary and honest and true and Good!!. Instead of wondering and thinking I knew!..for sure!!.

It was amazing!...I am now ready to live my life. I am not scared of anything anymore. I know that I have overcome the world!!...I know that I now have the tools to live the best life I can and not have regrets in the end!.

If you are reading this and want the gift of enlightenment and happiness and fulfillment for yourself please do not hesitate to call Jonathan. We are so lucky to have him here with the wonderful gift and vocation of teaching and guiding God’s people back to God’s Spirit and way of life!!.


1. You cannot live your best life or meet your life purpose without the Holy Spirit in your life…Jonathan guides you as to how to do that!.

2. You cannot achieve true happiness from
other people or things!!. True happiness comes from connecting with the Spirit of God…truly…Jonathan guides you on how to do that!.

Please know that you are loved immensely and that the universe is cheering you on through this difficult life..connect to your true self and give yourself the gift of completeness!!!..
Sending you much love and light,
— Cathy A.
An often quoted Buddhist proverb states that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. My Charlotte teacher appear year in the form of Jonathan Harris. I “discovered” Jonathan and his Led by Spirit Intuitive Development group at meetup.com, when I searched for like-minded people in the areas of metaphysics and spirituality. Before I decided to attend his group, I visited Jonathan’s website, watched his videos, and even befriended him on Facebook. He was consistent and welcoming. It was no surprise to me that the first meeting I attended was amazing. I watched in awe as Jonathan, a young man, led a diverse group of people, who trusted him to help them develop their intuitive gifts. He was gentle, patient, and strong, all at the same time. He also provided intuitive counseling. As I continued to attend the group, Jonathan encouraged me and suggested that I take spiritual baths to help cleanse negative energies. I had never heard of a spiritual bath, but I trusted his judgment. He told me what ingredients to get and where to get them. Surprisingly, the man at the shop knew I was coming in. Jonathan took the time to inform him. I had no doubt then or ever that Jonathan truly cared about his people and their intuitive development.Since I have been with the group, I have experienced a huge improvement in my intuitive abilities. I wish Jonathan could see me now! But his divine path has taken him to the Atlanta area, where he is pursuing his education. I am so proud of him! As usual, I visited his university’s website to learn about his major and the institution. He made a great decision. Jonathan also made a great decision in who he entrusted the Charlotte group to. We have three awesome ladies to help us continue our intuitive development. I am pleased to hear that Jonathan started another intuitive development group in the Atlanta area. I tell people that it is worth travelling to his groups. Jonathan has created a great model for intuitive development in a group setting.
I wish Jonathan the best and appreciate him.
— Yvonne Sullivan
I must say that Jonathan Harris is the real deal . His groups are educational and interesting as well as his teaching abilities which are not only from the Divine Spirit but from his heart. He uses much love and understanding when he gives readings and welcomes questions if one does not understand the information they are getting. Jonathan truly wants you to be the best you can be and helps others to believe in themselves and listen to their own inner voice and to develop those gifts that we all have. He uses much compassion and understanding when working with you. Jonathan is able to look past that what we are not able to see for ourselves, due to our minds and thoughts clouding our personal judgment of who we really are, amazing Divine Souls of God. I highly recommend Jonathan Harris if you are ready to find out who you really are and if you are ready for that change in your life .
— C. Wilson
I first met Jonathan Harris at his Spiritual Development Group, from the start I found him welcoming, warm and encouraging, Jonathan’s passion is to help individuals know and be in alignment with the power and energy of their true spiritual self. Through Jonathan’s teachings and exercises, I have been able to develop a better connection with my Spirit Guides and to reach higher levels of my intuitive abilities. The transformation is the natural when we are willing to do the work. Jonathan’s encouragement and support has helped me to have the confidence to go out and successfully practice my gifts.
— TinaMarie
When Spirit expresses so strongly in One So Young, you can rest assured It is true! And if you choose to seek Truth, Jonathan is one who will gift you with his skills. The insight I was able to gain from Jonathans intuitive understanding of my Spiritual journey has motivated me to persevere in times of low energy, and stimulate my joy in times of high energy. I have used my learning from him to focus on what is important to me and to give me confidence that my path is unfolding just as it should. He has taught me that we are never alone, and there are Those who are working for our highest and best good if we would only stop to listen, and then act accordingly. And if you are having a hard time listening, ask Jonathan to do it for you, just for a moment, to get you back on track. I thank Spirit for coming to me through Jonathan, and would recommend highly that you experience his gifts. It may help change your life!
— Gail
Several years ago Jonathan did an intuitive session for me and told me that I would be opening a business where we helped people achieve health and wellness through seminars, classes and treatments. He said I would have several partners and then it would be narrowed to one person, a friend of mine that had similar interests. Three years later, we did just that, opened a wonderful natural health center and it started off with several people being involved and just as he predicted, circumstances brought the partnership down to myself and the other person that he had done a session for as well. In her session he gave her information that sounded more like the information was for me, we laughed about it and didnt think much of it at the time but now we see how his insight was so on track. We now consult with him on regular bases for occasional spiritual cleansings of our building and selves and for Spiritual Growth Coaching.
— Margaret T. CEO/President (Center for Vibrational Wellbeing,Inc.)
Jonathan is truly a gifted spiritual young man. He allows God/Spirit to use him in assisting individuals with their journey called life. Jonathan has given me and my family words of encouragement and guidance that was given to him from God/Spirit. The one thing I learned since working with Jonathan is you must be open to receive the message and apply it to your life which will allow you to change your thinking. Changing your thinking and mind set to me is the hardest thing to do but working with Jonathan my thinking is beginning to change, in other words it is a process. Jonathan has given me information that only God/Spirit would know. For example, my first meeting with Jonathan I asked the question when will I meet my husband. Jonathan told me I needed to address issues when I was 17, 28 and 32. It took me a while to understand what he was talking about. Jonathan asked me what happened to me when I was 17. After thinking about my life at 17 I loved/cared for an individual so deeply and he walked out of my life abruptly. Since that time I have been searching and looking for that same kind of love. At the age of 28 I was married with two children. At the age of 32 I divorced my husband. I was advised to release those situations so I could move on.
— Laurie S. MSW, QMHP, New York, Manhattan
Down deep inside, I knew the real me, filled with strength resilience and courage was still there, but somewhere along the way, I lost that part of me. By working with Jonathan to develop my spiritual self, by life once filled by depression, anxiety and sadness is gone. I had no self-confidence, no self-esteem and felt my life was a complete waste. Now, after a few short months of opening up, Im back to my former self, only better . . .It is as if I have been awakened from a long hibernation. The spiritual side that Jonathan taught me to tap into now guides me every day empowering me to transform my life and the lives of those around me. I am now undergoing the most difficult time in my entire adult life, but almost every day, people Ive just met tell me how centered, calm and beautiful I am, and then they tell me they love me these are complete strangers! I truly believe these compliments are because they see and feel the spiritual transformation that occurred solely as a result of working with my spiritual advisor, Jonathan Harris.
— Pam B. Fort Mill S,C

Thank you for being such a blessing in my life as well as the lives of others. As Spirit flows through you as a personality of Divinity through your humor, expressions of kindness, energy, love, and so many, many more, you are truly appreciated. Thank You for being such a Magnificent Inspiration for people all around you. The inspiration for people to embrace their gift, to utilize their gift, even to allow God to express freely through themselves. You are such a Vibrant person to share conversations and laughs with. However, you are so much more than a person. So much more than a reader, so much more than someone who fills the Universe with energy, so much more than a friend at church...so much more. You are The Divine Expression of God. An expression that impacts each and every person you see or know through your positive energy. Whether it is you walking and someones soul becomes uplifted because of your presence or if it is just the sight of you that pushes someone to stand tall and take charge of their life. Whether it is a phone call or text that makes someone smile and begin to embrace the day as a peaceful and serene experience. You have inspired me to become more in touch with my literary gift and I am Grateful for you allowing the light to shine through you in that inspiration. I see you embracing your gift and it moves me in a positive direction which I Truly appreciate. Light radiates through you and illuminates the areas you walk through. Please continue to be this Powerful force that has such a kind heart and fun personality. I look forward to new experiences with you in Divine Harmony and I Know that you continue to bless this Universe with your presence and Divinity. I write this in acknowledgement of you as Spirit, and in acknowledgement of Spirit as you; realizing that you are such a Positive impact through the eyes, hearts, and souls of so many. Thank You!
— David H. Charlotte N,C
To Searchers Everywhere - I met Jonathan several months ago. My wife had attended several of his meetings before I decided to do some exploring of my own. As we all know, The Universe works in strange and wonderful ways and this was but another example. A spiritual path can be one of the most difficult, frightening and lonely endeavors any of us can undertake. As we search for answers, what we often find are only more questions. As we crave peace we find chaos. The older we get, the more challenging it becomes to shed the layer after layer of encrusted social conditioning that acts as an almost impenetrable wall to any enlightenment. We are often oblivious to the synchronicities of our daily lives and the messages they carry. We seek solace in our books, comfort and validation from our friends and clarity from our teachers. Although young in age, Jonathan is truly an old soul with the presence and understanding few of us will ever attain. His personal challenges are as ours, his life a struggle in many ways but the pureness of his spirit and his message are apparent beyond reservation. He is a channel for hope, introspection, compassion and love. I am blessed to have him in my life and can only hope that you will find your way to him as well.
— Jim C., SVP, Sales & Marketing
“It is my honor to write about my friend Jonathan. He has been there for me for years and has since become a trusted friend and advisor. Jonathan shares many of the same values of integrity as I do when it comes to offering spiritual service. For me to want to work with him meant that he had to be of the highest integrity and alignment with himself. If youre reading this, you may know that its easy to find Spiritual Advisors, but not necessarily folks who have a spiritual commitment to their integrity and an honoring of their path. Speaking for clients, we really need more spiritual guides who are like Jonathan. He is younger than I am, but of course that has no bearing on his intuition, maturity, the trust he engenders, and most importantly, the spiritual respect he has for himself and others. Every time Ive spoken with Jonathan, he has been honest with me, called me out on any games that I have played with myself and helped me to move past them. Jonathan reminds me not to play small, and shares spiritual insights that are most beneficial to my path and my own spirit. It seems anyone can be a “reader,” but it takes a lot more than that to be a trusted advisor and friend who can offer the integrative insights which combine intuitive guidance with consciousness awareness and spirituality. Because he offers that, he sets the bar high for readers and I honor him tremendously. Jonathan’s choice to continually work on his spiritual growth and not rely on gifts alone are what make him the empowered spiritual being that he is, and also it’s what makes his work so valuable and applicable to those he serves. Thank you, Jonathan. Youre a great leader and example for me. Peace and love.”
— Todd Schaefer

Thank you for your cooperation with Spirit. Because of your spiritual coaching, I have been able to connect dots in my life and take assured action. Often we have the dots and due to cloudiness, or lack of clarity, we are not sure how to connect them. You are that Connector, or better yet, a Divine Designer, that God uses to help us design our lives. Your encouragement, insight and divinity helps dress us with purpose and hope. Continue saying what you see. You are truly a rare gift and addition to the KINGDOM. Thank you.
— Jackie D., Charlotte, NC
I met Jonathan in 2010 at my church in Charlotte, where he did brief readings one day after the service for free. There was a long line of folks waiting for him. I have been to many intuitives and readers, and I can tell who is getting information directly from my guides, as opposed to reading me or my energy. His brief message confirmed what others had told me and was right on about the information he passed along to me.

After I returned to Atlanta, I wanted to see if he could talk to one of my clients, a young man with intuitive abilities he didn’t understand. I contacted a store in Charlotte where I knew he occasionally did readings. He just happened to be there at the time I called, and happened to be between clients. As we talked I learned he would be moving to Atlanta to go to school and I was thrilled. I went to a spirit circle he had here, where he did a powerful meditation and explained what we each experienced. He also gave each person a brief reading. I knew a number of the people there, and knew that he had pegged each of them correctly, as well as myself.

I signed up for his class on getting to know your guides better. I was the only one to sign up, and he easily could have cancelled the class, but he did not. I got two hours of his undivided attention. He told me what I needed to place on my altar specifically related to my guides and what each thing meant. He taught me how to meditate in order to bring them in, how to do an opening and closing, and who to call in. He gave me exercises I could practice to increase my intuition, all directly related to my guides. He gave me messages from them. It would have been worth ten times what I paid for it. I then signed up for a personal message, for $5 a week. You can’t beat that!
His messages are incredibly accurate to the situation.

He can give you whatever information you need, see blockages to your goals, and help you with those. He has a real gift, and he is ‘The Amazing Jonathan’! His young age belies his wisdom. He has a deep and true talent, and he remains humble in his use of it. Not only that, but he would be a great business coach. He can manifest things faster than anyone I know. I have watched him take off and start his business from scratch in a new city. Every time I turn around he’s got another meetup going, or another class, or another offering of his services. All of this while going to school. He has a clear understanding of metaphysical principles, and can help guide you on your own path. This young man, 38 years my junior, has gained my respect. As a businessman, a life coach, a visionary, and a genuinely gifted human being, more spiritually connected than 98% of the people I know. I highly recommend him for assistance with whatever you need to know or learn, for guidance in any situation.
— Debbie Loshbough
Jonathan is naturally gifted in effectively connecting and communicating spiritual concepts and possibilities to the hearts and minds of the people he serves. His ability to confidently and accurately provide answers shows his willingness to flow with God and the energy of the Universe, giving his clients a sense of relief, clarity, and direction. I believe Jonathan was sent to me at the perfect time in my life when I just needed confirmation on whether or not I was making the right choices, praying that I was truly in alignment with life purpose. I also had personal concerns and challenges that he was able to efficiently coach me through in both thought and action. Thank you, Jonathan...you have inspired me to walk in excellence!
— Ghia R.
What can I say about Jonathan Harris? He has such an amazing gift and his communication with spirit is spot on. If you are lucky enough to visit one of his events count it a blessing. He has an excellent way of communicating with your guides and loved ones that have passed over. He gets to the root of the matter and doesn’t sugar coat anything. He tells you the truth. I have been so blessed to have been coached, encouraged and advised by Jonathan on multiple occasions. He has encouraged me to really hone in on my own gifts that I was oblivious to until I met him. I’ve met some great like minded people and have grown exponentially spiritually in the short time that I have known him. I encourage anyone to contact Jonathan, whether it is for life coaching, spiritual advisement or spiritual development. Your life won’t be the same and trust me that’s a great thing! Jonathan, keep being a beacon of light for this world! Light and Progress for your Spirit!

T. Person (Atlanta, Ga)
— T. Person
My experience with Jonathan Harris was phenomenal.
As a medium I invite conversations with spirits and in so doing I opened myself up to a spirit who did not want to leave. Jonathan was able to exorcise him and send him on his way. I feel much lighter and happier without the weight of that unwanted energy around me. He also taught me how to prevent this from happening again and I very much appreciate his wisdom and guidance.
I highly recommend him as an intuitive for those interested in a reading and as a guide for those who want to unlock the mysteries of the spirit world.
— Sylvia Christiane Shumake