Life COACHING, Spiritual Guidance & mentoring.

In life we have all been faced with change. The ending of something or a drastic turn around in our circumstance that leaves us reeling in the aftermath, loss of a loved one, divorce, illness, job loss, abuse, family and relationship difficulties, childhood trauma, low self esteem and addiction, can cause a person disconnected from their life and their soul. This program has been designed to help you move through the process of grief. Sometimes we need a little guidance in life to help us move forward after a life changing circumstance and someone to help us identify areas that may need to be healed within our lives. This program is perfect for the individual who is ready to embark on a path of personal healing and personal self discovery.

there is help….. and hope.

Jonathan will help you:

You deserve to live your best life and you deserve time to connect, grow and make the changes in your life that serve you and only you. Sessions are available in person and by Skype.

  • Healing from life’s transitions.
  • Help you uncover what’s blocking you from moving. forward within your life
  • Rebuild your self esteem.
  • Enhance your personal and professional life.
  • Find meaning and purpose within your life.
  • Help you awaken to see your own self worth.
  • Help you move through the process of loss and grief. 
  • Intuitive & spiritual development.
  • Mediation skills & getting into the silence.
  • Uncover your desires & focus in life.
  • Communication and vulnerability issues & blockages.
  • Energetic Issues | maintaining boundaries.
  • Developing, maintaining a spiritual practice for connecting to God, The Holy Spirit & your ancestors. 
  • Recover the creative side of yourself.
  • Create financial harmony doing the things that you desire.
  • Unlock passions, power and creative control in your life to get you where you want to be.
  • Understand the Laws Of Attraction and how "IT" is working in your life.
  • Remove any blockages & identify any blockages that may be holding you back from moving forward in your life.
  • Reclaim your personal, spiritual and mental power back.
  • Attract the right and perfect relationships in your life.

Jonathan will not only inspire you and empower you, you will be provided with the right tools that will last you a life time, all while guiding you to a place that feels safe, healthy and hopeful.

Jonathan is a Certified Life Coach w/ a two year associates degree in Life Coaching Science and Bachelor of Science Psychology degree from Life University in Marietta, Ga. 

This program is customized and designed for your specific needs. The time frame and cost is charged accordingly. You deserve to live your best life and you deserve time to connect, grow and make the changes in your life that serve you.

Before Jonathan can help you before he can personalize a coaching program for you, that will benefit you and your specific needs, he needs to have a starting place. Jonathan to meet with you for an spiritual assessment before hand, to get a good understanding of whats on your heart and your mind. Life Coaching and healing is a personal tool beneficial experience for anyone.

This initial assessment will highlight areas you need to focus on and it will shed light both for you and Jonathan. It’s paramount to the success of the program. Even though it is not mandatory, Jonathan does suggest you book a reading first.

This program is life changing! Jonathan combines his unique blend of spirituality, alternative healing techniques, life coaching, and his intuitive abilities throughout the entire program; it’s powerful and it works. He will work closely with you and the essence of your soul and will direct you to the areas and in ways you’d be unable to identify on your own. 

Obviously, the longer the commitment to the program, the more it will benefit you. Taking any step in a positive direction is going to be nothing but valuable for you but the longer you commit to nurturing yourself the more significant the changes will be. 

to get started, it’s really a simple 3 - step process:

  1. Book a one hour reading through the booking section with Jonathan.
  2. Jonathan will customize a program based on point #1.
  3. You'll begin your program and start changing your life!