11/12/2017 - Sunday's Class - Committed To Your Consistency.

What I learned from Sunday’s class is to stop putting yourself in a position to need validation from another person at all times. Take time to sit with spirit and accept the guidance being given there. This is the reason why the first step in the process is trust yourself as spirit is within you, and if you don’t trust yourself, you are not going to learn to trust the guidance being given to you. I also learned that a lot of individuals don’t want to sit with spirit as they don’t want to do the work it takes to get where they want to be or participate in the exchange to take place to get what is being requested, this in itself is a hindrance on a persons part for success. As well as create the cycles of unhappiness or unsuccessful attempts to have a pleasant adventure to where you are trying to get to. - - Latoya Robinson (The Inner Circle Member.)

You have vision, but NO order.
— - Jonathan L. Harris