The Inner Circle | 11/28/2017 | Sunday's Class

When you focus the past(pain) and funnel It into the current/present moment you create a continuum.... You gain power! You gain more conscious control because you don’t allow it to control you which leads to a greater awareness of WHO YOU ARE AS A SPIRITUAL BEING LIVING THROUGH THE LENS OF A HUMAN BEING!

You don’t want to funnel It any longer to RE-live it. You want to embrace and give thanks to what you’ve received so that you can become more grounded in the present moment (your experience.)

You create a focus! Moving from the place of toleration... you no longer accept things as they are and you then begin to expand your mind beyond what’s expected of you and further embrace what is possible for you!

Think about it.... when you continue to do something over and over again... what happens.... your tolerance level GOES UP! Now, think about how much your tolerance level has went up for others versus yourself. Where it’s easier to forgive THEM versus OURSELVES.

Pain is VERY subjective to our conscious reality! It’s the observer behind the eyes that choose to reconnect, or disconnect from it. You either base things off of what you SEE physically, or what you KNOW spirituality (Third EYE.)

When you begin to know and understand energy! You then begin to understand how you either draw, or repel things towards you! But, through your toleration will either deny, or accept your new belief (reality) into form. You either are, or you are not!

Like attracts like! Your dominate thought activates the law (universal law of cause and effect) because It is associated with the FEELING that is triggered by the PAIN which comes from your past!

Which triggers stagnation because you could possibly fear the NEXT STEP based off of Pain from your past experience.

To bring it all home.... find out what you are tolerating and you’ll find out what’s holding you back. Turn over that rock and find out what’s hiding underneath. YOU and your association to whatever YOU think, believe, and accept within yourself as the TRUTH of your reality and experience.

11/12/2017 - Sunday's Class - Committed To Your Consistency.

What I learned from Sunday’s class is to stop putting yourself in a position to need validation from another person at all times. Take time to sit with spirit and accept the guidance being given there. This is the reason why the first step in the process is trust yourself as spirit is within you, and if you don’t trust yourself, you are not going to learn to trust the guidance being given to you. I also learned that a lot of individuals don’t want to sit with spirit as they don’t want to do the work it takes to get where they want to be or participate in the exchange to take place to get what is being requested, this in itself is a hindrance on a persons part for success. As well as create the cycles of unhappiness or unsuccessful attempts to have a pleasant adventure to where you are trying to get to. - - Latoya Robinson (The Inner Circle Member.)

You have vision, but NO order.
— - Jonathan L. Harris