Jonathan L. Harris

•Certified Life Coach•Spiritual teacher•Mentor•intuitive •interfaith minister•clairvoyant

Here to provide you with clarity, confirmation, insight and revelation. I look forward to connecting with you soon and assisting you with all your spiritual needs.

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Since I was a child I have been focused on developing myself spirituality, mentally, emotionally and physically. I became aware that something was different about my life and me when I was around 10 years old. Around this time, I started having strange occurrences after my aunt had transitioned to the other side. Through these experiences I became open to the awareness that there was something greater than what I could see, hear, or feel. From these experiences I became spirituality aware of myself, my surroundings and beyond. 



to navigate through the maze of life, I am ordained by God almighty and through experience to be your support system to bring clarity and purpose to your life journey. I know how it feels to be lost and confused because I too was once in that space. I am a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Prophetic Intercessor, Spiritual Adviser, Counselor, Healer, and an Ordained Interfaith Minister. Your life and your experience are of deep value to me. Therefore, I open the doors to invite you to your authentic self and life.


  • Strengthen your connection with God almighty and The Holy Spirit for a healthier life journey
  • Redefine and heal blockages in your life
  • And so much more.
  • Develop and enhance your Authentic Self and Intuition
  • Discover your Life Purpose
  • Define your Vision and Career


A private reading with Jonathan will get you the clarity you need, the answers you seek and point you in the direction you so desperately require. Jonathan will provide you with verifiable information from the other side(spirit world), and information you maybe weren’t aware of; all while helping you heal your life. Jonathan receives his messages directly from loved ones who have passed over and the spirit world, this includes Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels and The Holy Spirit. He has had a strong connection with the spirit world since childhood. You will always be provided with clarity, revelations and divine guidance.

  • Do you have something weighing on your heart, or mind? Do you want to connect with a loved one on the other side? Or maybe,  seeing a Prophet, Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium or Intuitive is something that’s always interested you, you just haven’t made the call and booked the appointment



Jonathan is a professional in his field and has an extraordinary ability to communicate with the other side and your soul. He is not a fortune teller and takes his work with spirit very seriously. He serves as a bridge, a link to the spirit world for communication. He is an evidential medium, clairvoyant and a spiritual advisor. Jonathan offers two types of readings.


A Spiritual Intuitive reading: is more focused on your life, purpose and mission. Helping through your personal healing process. You may still hear from a loved one, as spirit is always around. However, your reading is more focused on providing you with information you will need to move forward and give you clarity in your life and different aspects of your souls journey. Information may include, but is not limited to, life path, health (disclaimer* I am not a doctor and this should not be an alliterative to seeking professional medical advice.), career, and relationships! Information comes from a universal source of energy such as, spirit guides, angels, your aura and Jonathan’s clairvoyant & prophetic abilities.


A Mediumship Reading: is about validating life after death, but also meant to provide you with healing information from your loved ones from the other side. Jonathan is very passionate about helping you connect with those you loved that are no longer here on this physical plane. Jonathan's goal is to provide you with evidential information from your loved ones to validate the spirits continued existence. Jonathan CANNOT guarantee that a specific person will come through, or if anyone will come through at all. Communicating with Spirit is like picking up a phone to call someone; they can either pick up, or they can ignore (hopefully they won't do that from heaven, lol.) All jokes aside.... Jonathan's connection with spirit is deep and informative.